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Simple 5 Step Home Buying Plan



Follow these steps and you'll be in your new home before you know it!

Step 1 - Finding The Mortgage That Works For You.


The first step in buying a home is to make sure you qualify for financing.  Many home buyers spend a lot of time looking for a home only to be dissappointed because they couldn't qualify for that dream home they've found.  The best way to avoid this happening to you is to contact a mortgage specialist first.  This initial contact can be done over the phone (you don't have to leave your house) with a few simple questions. Call a mortgage specialist of your choice or feel free to contact one of the two we have listed below.  This is just your initial call you are certainly not obligated to use these specialists for your mortgage.  Just mention that you got their information from Darin's website.   

Contact me for a list of Mortgage Professionals that do a great job...like...

June Girardin at Mortgage Intelligence 519-734-0333 june.girardin@migroup.ca

or Chris Kakoz at CIBC 519-819-8584 christopher.kakoz@cibc.com

or Jeff Walker at RBC 519-551-7125 jeffrey.walker@rbc.com

Step 2 - Contact Us.

Call 519-566-7788 and ask for Darin Schiller or call me direct at 519-818-7292. This is where the excitement really starts.  Now that you know what you can afford we'll be able to start the search for your dream home.  Let us know exactly what you're looking for and we'll take it from there.

Step 3 - Offer

We have found your dream home.  This is where we use our expertise to negoitiate the best price for you and protect your interests throughout the process.

Step 4 - Lawyer

Our office will handle all the paperwork and send your offer to a lawyer of your choice. (we can help you with that also)

Step 5 - Let The Moving Party Begin!

Call your strong friends...(note: overserving your friends while moving may cause damage to your furniture, home, or friends). Oh, by the way, we'll supply the pizza! Congratulations!









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Step 2 - Enter Search Details
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